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Here's Some Cool Guinea Pig Sites:
Site Name Description
Acme Pet Guinea Pigs.
American Cavy Breeders Association Nothing flashy, but there's some info.
American Pet Diner We carry Hay and Hay products for rabbits, cavies, horses and other hay eating animals.
Barr's Webpage I recommend the Cavy Chronicles.
BunnyLuv - Essentials For Companion Rabbits to the health and well-being of the domestic rabbit. We carry rabbit-safe litter and litterboxes, fresh oat, the BunnyLuv Critter Castle for rabbits, ferrets, cats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and much more.
Canny Cavies Really nice. Good tips and some name dropping.
Cavies Dot Com Mailing lists, vet list, books and gifts, but there's a lot in the works.
Cavies Galore Cavies Galore is the only interactive cavy community of its kind. We provide you with top quality games and information to help you raise your guinea pigs.
Cavy Care and Health Chart Single page, nothing fancy, decent info.
Cavy Kingdom Chat room, trivia, and a message board highlight this one.
Cavy Ring Join in! Sign up your web site.
Cavyland I don't much care for the layout or the music, but it's got content.
CavyMadness CavyMadness is targeted toward the beginnning guinea pig owner. I advocate responsible pet ownership (even though we don't really OWN them, do we...?) I also have a messageboard, a neato giftshop, and gratuitous photos.
Cool Cavy Page It's not THAT cool.
Corky's Page Cavy links among other things of non-cavy interest.
Diana's Happy Homepage Memorial and some links.
Eva's Cavy Page All about guinea pigs. Care, health, photos of breeds, genetics, and more and more…
Eva's Home Page Tons of info from Sweden.
Felix Net Info about Felix, and some general tips.
German Cavy Breeders' Webpage Good, but brush up on your German first.
Gizmo's Homepage It's new, " don't be tough on me..."
Guinea Pig Adoption Network Nice site with good intentions.
Guinea Pig Club Official Page Talks about my guinea pig club. What it has to offer and stuff. Also there is a link to join the club, and a link to show you the other club page.
Guinea Pig Compendium, The This guy knows guinea pigs.
Guinea Pig Corner, The Learn how guinea pigs communicate.
Guinea Pig Hutch, The The only thing missing from this site is a Guinea Pig Starsky.
Guinea Pig Jamboree Poetry, anatomy and conspiricy abound.
Guinea Pig Poo Extravaganza Maybe I just don't get it.
Guinea Pig Rescue Small, but it means well.
Guinea Pig Sounds 6 to be exact.
Guinea Pigs on the Net A nice look, and some really good features (check out Pigman Freud).
Guinea Pigs Online Care, feeding, housing and grooming of Guinea Pigs.
guinea's Pig,blackie and brice a french site about guinea's pig (cochond'inde)
Hardwood Cavies Cavie products. Great gift idea.
Homepage Fur Meerschweinchen Very nice.
Jamie's Pets  
Kelly's Guinea Pig Adoption Agency Download images for your home page.
Kelly's Homepage Rescue effort among other things.
Limberlost Caviary Pics of Guinea Pigs and rabbits.
Luv-a-Lot Caviary, Guinea Pig Exhibitors/Breeders Come in and find out about us. We are Exhibitors and Breeders of the Cavy(Guinea Pig). We raise Silkies, Teddies and Broken Americans. We have a links page and a stock for sale page. Come explore!!
Mayer's Pet Shop - Real Value & Friendly Service Full line pet shop specializing in pet foods & supplies for birds, cats, dogs, fish, ponds, small animals (hamster, gerbil rat, mouse, guinea pig, ferret, rabbit, dega), reptile & amphibians....since 1962.
Michelle's Guinea Pig Page Some info and a fairly extensive library.
NetVet - Rodent Home Page Page dealing with rodents. Guinea Pigs are there too.
Noisy Pigs, The Pics of these guys, links and a page of care info.
Northern Cavy Fanciers Info about this UK club.
Oinker Net Features Guinea Pig TV. Mentioned in USA Today.
Ontario Cavy Club, The Breed and club info.
Pellet Bowl, The Features a guinea pig Soap Opera.
Pet Stories Aspiring author looking for interesting pet stories.
Pet's World Guinea Pig info.
Pets Warehouse Guinea Pig accessories for sale.
Piggie Piggie Page Not bad, but nothing outstanding.
Piggywig Pages Poetry, job hunting tips, and Win 95 themes.
Pigland's Piglinks 45 and counting.
PittyPaws Cavies Pitty Paws Cavies raises purebred, pedigreed ENGLISH Texel Guinea Pigs for show only. Lots of great photos, information, and resources. Member of ARBA, ACBA, and my local club. WELCOME!
Renaissance Cavies Breeder and exhibitor.
Rodents as Pets Excellent resource for all rodent pets (and Guinea Pigs).
S.A.L. Cavies Tons of info.
Sammy's Links Yep.
Sherberts Guinea Pig Welfare Center Not bad, but not great. "The Official Home Page of the Most Opinionated Guinea Pig You'll Ever Meet!"
Tabatha Zettler's Homepage Photos, sounds, etc.
Utah Cavy Breeders Association Dedicated to promoting the cavy in general. Our primary goals are to provide shows, activities and opportunities for learning and fellowship of its' members.
Western Cavy Stud's Homepage History, resourses and food info among other stuff.
Winking Cavy Store, The Produts featuring cavies. Mugs, t-shirts, jewellry, figurines.
WinsomePig's Homepage It's a Caviary - Purvians.
Woody Pet Get this... They have a product that can be cat litter or small pet bedding, but not at the same time, obviously.
You Know You're a cavy slave when… think this is funny.
Zorro's Haven Use the "Go Wild" option. Trust me.